GALLERY OF TONES | Concert for Ukraine: Cengiz Arslanpay and Trio SonCé

April, 24th | 15:00 – 17:00


Five Seasons – Ukrainian ritual songs with a twist

Maryanka Golovchenko (Ukraine) – vocals
Pau Sola Masafrets (Catalonia, Spain) – cello
Cengiz Arslanpay (Turkey) – ney (flute) and modular synths

The main idea of this project revolves around the concept of the cyclical nature of life, of nature; the flow of time and life. Five Seasons is a project about natural return, interconnectedness, trees, and snow, and people.

The program is based on traditional calendar ritual songs from different parts of Ukraine.


Admission 20,- (full fare) / 15,- (city pass, student, etc.)

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Family: 10,- per person, available at the entrance, Children up to 12 years free
Groups of 10 people or more: 7,50 per persoon, reservation via


You will find information about alternative ways to donate for Ukrainian people before and after this concert.

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Supported by Gemeente Amsterdam.

Cengiz Arslanpay (1989)

Cengiz is a member of Gallery of Tones. He is a multi-instrumentalist, sound designer, music technologist and composer. His music is notable for its combination of authentic primal instruments with electronic sounds. With his collection of flutes from all over the world he mixes different sound worlds together. He specializes primarily in playing the Ney .


Cengiz will give a Workshop Makam prior to this concert.

Cengiz’s classes are designed for instrumentalists who have an affinity for the theory and practice of early Ottoman music or Turkish Art music. Cengiz is an excellent player of the Ney and has knowledge and experience in repertoire of this music. In workshops and lessons the focus is on the different tonalities within the music system, compositional styles and instruments.

You can also contact him for online classes through our partner ‘doozzoo’.
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