Studio 150 | Living Room B&W-1 

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The Recording Area

Studio 150 | U67 Recording Room Sliver-1



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Leopard Boots



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Control Room details

Studio 150 | Control Room Window Sliver-1


• a Solid State Logic 4040G series computer and channels, software 4.0


• Genelec 1034A tri-amp active Main Control Room monitors
• PSI M21 active Nearfields
• ATC SCM25 active Nearfields
• Genelec 1030 bi-amp active Nearfields
• Yamaha NS10M Nearfields
• Tannoy Eclipse mini Nearfields


• ProTools HD v10
• 3x 192 IO convertors, 32 in/out
• Grimm clock CL1
• Caldigit VR2 (raid 1) (safety for your recordings)
• Otari MTR100A 24track with Dolby A/SR Studer A810 1/4 inch recorder


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Studio 150 | Mastering Room Sliver-1



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Studio 150 | Living Couch Mirror Red Seats Sliver-1



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Studio 150 | Kitchen Sliver-1



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In 1995 the recording area has been thoroughly renovated. The experienced people from Klaverbouw, who build already many outstanding rooms took the mission to make this room meet the modern requirements of this day. For many months they worked meticulously on the acoustics. They made ventilation whisper-quiet. The asymmetrical shape of the ceiling brakes up standing waves between ceiling and wooden floor. Bass traps bring control to the low-end and diffusers spread high frequencies. A glass sliding door separates the iso-booth from the main room. Because of its special sound qualities a small podium was constructed. (looks good too!)

70 12 volt halogen lights divided into different groups use transformer-dimmers to prevent offending “buzz” in electric guitar recordings etc. and provide an unusually even lighting. Even the podium has its own dimmer group and is illuminated! A 2nd small iso booth was constructed to put guitar or bass amplifiers that can blaze and still be separated from other instruments.The first recording in this room was a big band recording with Lucas van Merwijk. In anticipation we opened an ambient Neumann TLM 150 microphone pair. The sound was fantastic! In the months after we worked on a wide variety of music here including a 25 piece string orchestra. Bands also recorded beautifully, with a very nice drum sound and good definition in other instruments. By now the room is a a favorite with many musicians for a variety of purposes.

Back in 1979, before Studio 150 was build, it looked like this!