Studio 150 Bethlehemkerk & Amarte Studio Concerts presents:

Jawa Manla: Oud, singing, composer
Elif Canfeza Gunduz: Kemence
Lucie Lelaurain: Duduk and Flut
Khorshid Dadbeh: Tar and Tanbur
Adele Viret: Cello
Pierre Hurty: Drumms
Munzer Al Kaddour: Poetry

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Jawa Manla: Trio Saba and Friends

March, 10 2023
Start time: 20.00u
Doors open: 19.15u

"This is Damascus .. And this is the glass and the goblet
I love … and some love is
My roots .. my heart … and my language, all are here
How shall I explain? Adoration can not be explained?'

Poem by Nizar Qabbani

Jawa Manla (1996) is a Syrian oud player. Born in Aleppo, and raised in Damascus, Syria.
“I started playing music at the age of eleven. I chose the Oud as my instrument because my father used to play it everyday at home when I was young. Gradually, I fell in love with it and now I feel an unlimited feeling of freedom while playing it.”

This concert is connected to Jawa's journey with music. This journey starts in Damascus and ends again in Damascus. Since 2012 she lived in different cities: Damascus, Cairo, Istanbul, and Amsterdam. Each city had a different musical and cultural influence on my personality and perception of music. “I want to find a new musical way to connect Arabic music with Turkish, Greek, and Jazz music. In this concert, we will perform from different musical backgrounds and try to bring more sounds and musical elements. You will hear music from Greece, Syria, and Egypt, but also my new composition that is based on these styles. For this special concert occasion, I will play with my own trio Saba together with three amazing musicians; all the way from Istanbul Elif Gunuz and from France Adele Vriet and Pierre Hurty. Munzer Al Kaddour will contribute to this concert with Arabic poetry that will be translated to dutch.

more information about the trio can be found here.