Studio 150 Bethlehemkerk Livestream Concerts presents:

Join us for the closing celebratory concert of our fulfilling and magical Russian Musical weekend! The central figure of the evening will be Tchaikovsky, who with his music and personality represents the whole essence of Russian soul! We will start with Variations on a theme by Tchaikovsky by Anton Arensky, which is a slow movement of his string quartet N2. He wrote this romantic piece a year after Tchaikovsky’s death as a tribute to the composer. This will be followed by a couple of surprises - a world premiere of debut composition “ Six Confused Diffusions on a fragment by Chopin” for Double bass and piano written by wonderful Russian born pianist Borys Fedorov. After we will pay a tribute to Nikolai Kapustin who has sadly left us last month by performing an exciting jazzy movement from his string quintet. And finally, Souvenir de Florence, written after a happy Italian summer is a unique mix of Russian soul and Italian bel canto, an intoxicatingly brilliant burst of passion, lyricism, virtuosity and life affirming high spirits!

Anna Fedorova, piano
Daniel Rowland, violin
Benjamin Roskams, violin
Dana Zemtsov, viola
Mikhail Zemtsov, viola
Maja Bogdanovic, cello
Alexander Warenberg, cello
Nicky Schwartz, cello & double bass

Arensky Variations on a theme by Tchaikovsky op35
Rachmaninoff cello sonata - 3rd movement
Borys Fedorov - Confused Diffusions on a Fragment of Chopin
Tchaikovsky "Souvenir de Florence"

This concert is supported by the Amsterdam Studio Concerts Fund.