Studio 150 Bethlehemkerk x Amarte presents:


Margarida Madureira – Vocals
Marius Giedra – Piano/Keyboard
Yannik Sieburg– Electric Guitar
Joop De Graaf – Electric Bass
Kasparas Petkus – Drums/SPD


December, 15th 2023
Start time: 20.00u

Margarida, also known as MARGIE, is an artist at heart, with the urge to share.
She is a singer and songwriter, who has life as an endless source of inspiration. Music is a safe place, where she frees her spirit, grounds, and vents about her experiences, feelings and thoughts about the world.

Margarida grew up very close to nature, in the countryside of north Portugal, in a non-artists house. Yet, ever since she was a child, she expressed her genuine love for art through making music and painting. It was at the age of nine years old that she was officially introduced to classical music and thereupon, her journey started.
Playing violin was for many years Margarida’s self-expressing language, through where she developed her concept of sound and her musical identity, that are nowadays present on her singing and compositions, transformed into the style of Jazz/Soul/R&B.

A few years after, Margarida discovered a new language: painting. For four years she was studying individually music and painting, up until she started developing a new project: a bridge between both worlds. This project consisted of creating a language that would translate the ears to the eyes and the eyes to the ears. How can you see what you hear? How can you hear what you see? Margarida translated music from one of her favourite composers, Claude Debussy, into painting, and explored the concept of painting as a reaction to music. From her living room, with friends, listening and painting some of their favourite music, to live concerts, with great musicians, where she had the opportunity to paint and sell some of her works.

After this innovative and exciting journey, MARGIE found herself again while diving into the world of Jazz/Soul/R&B music. At this time, she was accepted at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam, where she developed her lyric writing and composing skills. Alongside, this was a period of self development and awareness, which was a very big influence on her way to make music.
This was also the moment when MARGIE brought her band together: Marius Giedras on keys, Yannik Sieburg on guitar, Joop de Graaf on bass and Kasparas Petkus on drums, with whom she has been recording, releasing music and performing internationally.

Nowadays, MARGIE has found her language to express her thoughts and feelings about personal, cultural, social and spiritual matters, and this project focuses on bringing her important message to the world.