Studio 150 Bethlehemkerk Livestream Concerts presents:

The last collaboration with the Keep an Eye Foundation for this year!

The Tijs Klaassen Quintet consists out of some of the most talented young jazz musicians on the Amsterdam scene. All of whom are not only known as great players, but also as gifted composers. This reflects on the way in which they interpret the compositions by the bandleader. A striking aspect of the band’s sound is the search for new orchestrations within the classic quintet line up. Vintage 80s synths, complex horn harmonies, west African drum rhythms and arco bass melodies create a unique blending of sounds. As a composer, Tijs gets his inspiration from the sounds of various 20th century European composers combined with the energy from the present day New York jazz scene.

Mo van der Does: Alto saxophone
Matthias van den Brande: Tenor saxophone
Floris Kappeyne: Piano
Wouter Kühne: Drums
Tijs Klaassen: Double bass & Compositions

Photo by: Teresa Costa