Studio 150 Bethlehemkerk x Amarte presents:

Carolina Peña Trio:

Carolina Peña – Vocals
Enrico Le Noci – acoustic guitars.
Emiliano Roca – acoustic guitars


Carolina Peña trio

December, 19th 2024
Start time: 20.00u

Carolina Peña trio is a Latin-American jazz trio, infused with jazz language and vibrant warm vocals. Lead by vocalist Carolina Peña from Ecuador, following with Enrico Le Noci & Emiliano Roca, both from Italy, on acoustic guitars.

The group was formed in 2021, based in Den Haag, Netherlands. Carolina Peña trio showcases a diverse repertoire of Latin style, mainly from Ecuador, such as pasillos, boleros and son cubano, wich are creatively arranged in their unique artistic approach.