Studio 150 Bethlehemkerk x Amarte presents:

Guitar: Mert Pekduraner
Drums/percussion: Nihal Saruhanlı
Bowed Tanbur: Muaz Ceyhan
Trombone: Seçkin Özmutlu
Double Bass: Ton Felices


Mert Pekduraner

Februari, 14th 2024
Start time: 20.00u

Composer and guitarist Mert Pekduraner, based in Amsterdam/Istanbul will perform in Studio150 BethlehemKerk on February the 14th!
In 2021, Pekduraner independently released his debut album "Geriye Ne Kaldı?," followed by his second studio album "DIALOGUES IN THE DARK" in July 2022. These albums have helped him build a dedicated audience, particularly through live concerts.
In 2020, Pekduraner was commissioned to create an original composition for the 17th Venice Biennale. The resulting track, titled "Kıyı (Side by Side - Venice Biennale Main Theme)," was composed and recorded by Pekduraner. It has been exhibited at the Arsenale Pavilion as part of an art installation for the biennale.
Mert: "I am someone who grew up in Adana and moved to Istanbul for university and music life. My musical life has always gone together with the architectural education I received at ITU Architecture Department. Taşkışla (Faculty of Architecture) and the multidisciplinary structure of architectural education have positively affected both my music and art works. During this education, I was interested in multiple disciplines and as a result, I directed this towards works in the field of photography and video. On top of that, the place where I worked the most was Italy. I lived in Milan for eight months and took dozens of film and analog photographs. Afterwards, I was accepted for a master's degree in Fine Arts and Design and moved to the Netherlands. Now, I am living a music and design-intensive life in Istanbul again."