Studio 150 Bethlehemkerk & Amarte Studio Concerts presents:

Line up:
Daan Kluwer – Tenorsaxofoon
Emilio Tritto – Bass clarinet/baritone saxophone
Baris Ofluoglu – Double bass
Jelle Willems – Piano
Ap Verhoeven – Drums


May, 25 2023
Start time: 20.00u

“The music of Klankpoeder includes a very widespread palette of different musical colours - reaching from hushed and fragile to wild and energetic. A promising group of young musicians circled around the very musical and friendly bandleader Ap Verhoeven.” Maarten Hogenhuis

The Rotterdam-based quintet Klankpoeder, formed by drummer Ap Verhoeven, originated in a shared passion for uncompromising jazz music in which all the instrumentalists go full steam ahead. The musical result of this shared vision is a mix of energetic tunes with a lot of room for improvisation and interaction, and more gentle, folk-like songs during which the listener can sit back and relax.
The name ‘Klankpoeder’ (translated Soundpowder) is a reference to a musician’s joke. The joke being that someone is made to believe that they need some soundpowder to improve the sound of their instrument, while no such thing exists.
This joke is an example of one of the goals of the band, incorporating humor into the music. It is the band’s opinion that jazz music is often taken too seriously, and that the genre can benefit from some lighthearted humor.

Klankpoeder’s first album will be released in the spring of 2023.
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