Studio 150 Bethlehemkerk & Amarte Studio Concerts presents:

Viana Afoumou Trio:

Viana Afoumou: Piano
Lauriane Ghils: Percussion
Danilo Tavares: Bass


Viana Afoumou trio

October, 17th 2023
Start time: 20.00u

Viana Afoumou, also known as vixnde, is a product of radio, TV and bedtime stories selling everyday magic.
Born in Brussels, with roots in Belgium and Cameroon, she grew up immersed in Gospel music. Although she eventually broke free from its influence, it continues to resonate throughout her artistry within the loops, harmonies and rhythms intrinsic to her sound.

Her voice is her own tool at building a multiplicity of small universes, where stories may live and grow.
For this live stream, she is joined by multi-instrumentalist and percussionist *Lauriane Ghils*, and bassist *Danilo Tavares* – both bringing their own worlds, tones and touches to create an alternate ripple of sound.
Viana’s music is not yet available on streaming services, but you can catch glimpses of her through appearances in Sam Wave's discography, where she contributed to tracks like "Moves That Speak" and "Superstar." Some of her original music is live on YouTube, showcasing intimate performances of the songs "L7” and "her", or on Soundcloud, where she shares her sound experiments.