Studio 150 Bethlehemkerk & Amarte Studio Concerts presents:

Lokum Ensemble:

Çiğdem Okuyucu | Vocals
Barış Ofluoğlu | Double Base
Dimitra Metzaki | Ud
Jacobus Thiele | Percussion
Nikos Avgoustidis | Ud

Lokum Ensemble

April, 19th 2022
Start time: 20.00u
Doors open: 19.15u

Lokum performs maqam based traditional Anatolian and Ottoman tunes keeping the traditional  essence of the music.

Considering the historical music tradition in Asia Minor, there are two traditions: Ottoman and  Anatolian. These two traditions are quite different from each other by usage of instruments, style, poetry style in lyrics and ornamentations, although there are quite some similarities like the maqam structure and the patterns. After all, Lokum focuses on these two traditions and finds an alternative way of expressing them under an umbrella as in early 20th-century Istanbul. 

The ensemble consists of Greek, Turkish and German musicians which gives a similar atmosphere of the music life in Istanbul a century ago. The repertory consists of folk songs from  Anatolia and classical tunes of Ottoman culture as well as free vocal and instrumental  improvisations.  
More can be found in Lokum Ensemble Official Facebook Page.

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